The Team

Ebrima Jatta – General Chairman

My Name is Ebrima Jatta (30-6-1983), a Gambian National currently pursuing a Master Degree in Business Administration at the prestigious Hanze university of Applied Sciences – Groningen. I previously worked for Standard Chartered Bank Gambia Limited before I moved to the Netherlands to undertake this master program. My Choice of the Netherlands for this study is from the fact that it institutions of higher learning have a formidable track record of excellence in academia. Currently, I am the chairman of CASA- Gambia. CASA-Gambia was founded in 2015 with the aim of bring development to the Gambian people, particularly the deprived. I am particularly interested in personal and national development because of serious lack of pragmatic capacity of youth development in the Gambia. Evidently, my Master of Business Administration would serve as a spring board for upward mobility and evidently self – actualization. With this qualification in the bay, I can be in an influential position to affect decision making to better the living condition of my countrymen hailing from a disadvantaged background. My heart has always been with the underprivileged members of society. The realization of this goal will be the most fulfilling achievement in my life.

Alagie Cherno Suwareh – Education Program Manager

My name is Alagie Cherno Suwareh (11-04-1991) a Gambian Libyan residing in Brufut. I attended Kotu Senior School as a Pure Science Student and later proceed to Batokunku Nursing Training were I did a two year Certificate Program on Nursing and Midwifery January 2013 through to December 2014. Having a two-year voluntary with Brufut Health Centre. Certificate Gambia Red Society Goal award on President International Award certificate on Peer Health Education. I am the education program manager CASA Gambia and ready to take any challenge to help develop Human Race.

Amadou A Jallow – Micro Enterprise Development Coordinator

My name is Amadou A Jallow (01-01-1982), a Gambian national. I successfully completed my senior secondary education at the SOS High School in the area of science. I went on to further my education In Information Technology. Everybody agreed that I was a good student at school and I like to study. I have an ambition to become an entrepreneur, business management being my area of competence.

I am the micro enterprise development coordinator for CASA-GAMBIA. CASA- GAMBIA was founded in 2015 with the aim of bringing development to the Gambian people; particularly the deprived. Been a victim of poverty during my school days motivated me to be part of this noble cause. For me it is a privilege to be part of such an institution to help humanity especially women and children to prosper in this generation of ours to achieve their goals. Helping others is something that one can be proud of, for me it’s beyond that it make me feel happy deep dawn in my heart.

Alagie Ndow – Financial Secretary

My name is Alagie Ndow (05-05-1980), a Gambian. I am the Financial Secretary for CASA-GAMBIA. An IT lecturer at an institute calked Wise Owl College and the second vice principal of the institute. I Acquired a Diploma in ITC plus certificate for PC repair and maintenance, also obtained a Diploma Certificate in Business Administration “ABE”. I am currently studying a higher ITC level CISCO networking. I have been involved in youth moulding for socio economic for years now. As educating the youths of a nation is a catalyst for rapid nation development. My vision is youth empowerment in different categories. I am willing enough to dedicate myself for service delivery for any needed communities for improved livelihood.

Alasana KD Camara – Agricultural and Natural Resources Co-ordinator

My name is Alasana KD Camara (24-08-1973), a Gambian by birth. I obtained an LLB degree in law, a higher diploma in general agriculture and a diploma in law. From 1996 to 2013 I worked as a teacher in different Junior and Senior secondary schools within the Gambia, where I rose up to the rank of vice principal. As a law graduate, I worked as a legal consultant and currently, I am the agricultural and natural resources co-ordinator of CASA- GAMBIA. My aim is to inject hope and determination to the under privileged ones of our community and I have the strong feeling that together we can make it work.

Mariama Kebbeh – Executive Secretary

I am Mariama Kebbeh (29-05-1981). The Executive Secretary of CASA Gambia, a Gambian national. Currently am pursing a mastersdegree on Food Science Technology and Research in Benue State University at the Center of Food Technology and Research in Nigeria .I graduated in 2014, from the University of the Gambia and hold a BA (Hons.) in Development Studies. The four-year Undergraduate program in Development Studies has formed the basis of my determination towards achieving in-depth knowledge for more achievements in graduate studies. As a part of my degree course I studied various courses relating to diverse aspects of Development Studies which have wetted my appetite for the development of the African people especially the grass root deprived people. Thus among the reasons why CASA Gambia is formed and among which has featured my desired to be a part of the organization.

During my Undergraduate program in the University of The Gambia, I was exposed to some of the major development challenges confronting the Underdeveloped World, especially Africa. I became increasingly interested in discovering more about the continent. This led me to travel to various African countries to have firsthand experience of the people and their environment. Thus, during long vacations I travelled with various Social Science associations of the university on research to different countries in Africa such as Senegal, Guinea Bissau and Guinea Conakry. From these I learned more about the history, geography, culture, lifes etc. of the region I visited in Africa. What stroke me about the people and their environment are the development challenges that I saw. I have since then realized that Africanists must not limit themselves to the mere expression of sentiments about Africa. Rather, it is a moral obligation for us all to come closer to the people in order to learn more about the people and their problems. Above, it is only by living the lives of the people that one can have a deep understanding of the people and the challenges that face them in their daily lives.

This realization took me with the Social Science Participatory Research Association to various parts of The Gambia, where we stayed with the people for several days, while investigated with them their development problems and discussed the solutions with. The process of empowerment through Participatory Rural Appraisal has given the people we interacted with a greater sense of self-confidence. In this way, I have participated in empowering such communities to realize their potential to be the architects of their own destiny. Personally, the exercise has enlightened me more about my role as a Gambian, a Social Scientist and an Africanist committed to the cause of the African people.

I worked as a qualified teacher in the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education in my country, The Gambia, for seven years in the lower and upper basic level (2005 to 2012). Also for the past three years I have been lecturing at the Gambia College School of education as a Lecturer, This career with open prospects has given me constant incentive to improve and empower people to be independent and also gain more knowledge. My work has helped me to develop in return to the academic world for further growth. It has been one of the motivating factors for me to be part of CASA Gambia as education is one of the highest form of empowerment as it enhances the capabilities of the human being to be self-sustenance.

Therefore as the Executive Secretary of CASA Gambia, I am confident that the overall activity that CASA Gambia will embark on will give the Gambian people especially the deprived people an opportunity to be excellent world class citizens if they are help to become one. Therefore, in return it will allow them to contribute fully to the development of the Gambia and world at large. I therefore, feel obliged to be part of this prestigious organization for better.

Demba Janneh – Advocacy & Capacity Strengthening Coordinator

My name is Demba Janneh (15-02-1980), a Gambia national. For the past years, I work as Manager and Technician at AwesomeNET. I am the Advocacy & Capacity Strengthening Coordinator of this noble Association (CASA-Gambia). I am an adaptable and responsible CCNA graduate with Vocational Training Qualifications. I combined my education with youth work and I enjoyed supporting people especially the deprived and needy. I am an energetic and enthusiastic person who enjoys a challenge and eager to learn and I have genuine interest in this initiative.

After knowing the prevailing national economic situation of our country which is seriously affecting us, we the founding member come together with the objective of contributing to national development through support.

I am optimistic we will attend to our goals and we will enjoy working in this initiative because the executives of this organisation are hardworking, trustworthy, reliable and committed.

Member of the Gambia Team Abdou Bah

My name is Abdou Bah (21-11-1975). I obtained a Bachelors Degree from the University of The Gambia in 2009 with majors in Development Studies and History. I also obtained a Masters Degree in Human Resource Management from Coventry University in the United Kingdom.

I am currently working as a senior officer for the Government of The Gambia ressponsible for Admin and Human Resource Management in my organisation. I worked as a Teacher after my graduation from a Teacher Training College in 1999, a Research Assistant at Medical Research Council (MRC) for two years where I worked with many underprivileged communities in rural Gambia before taking a career in Admin and Human Resource Management in 2009. I worked in many Government Departments and during this period, I have contributed immensely to the development and implementation of many Government policies and programmes.

I have a strong passion for voluntary work as well as working with communities. I developed this passion during my tenure at MRC and my degree in Development Sturies is also an inspiration. I am always ready to participate in initiatives for the promotion and development of the welfare of people in my community particularly the vulnerable and the underpriviledge. In view of this, I will devout all what it takes within my ability, at my disposal to promote the interest of CASA-Gambia. I have not regrets in my decision to serve in the Board of CASA-Gambia.