Earlier today, Casa-Gambia on their child sponsoring project presented learning materials (i.e. uniforms, bags, books, set-box, pensils and color pencils etc) to 20 outstanding students at Brufut Lower Basic School.

Also, we have last weekend presented learning material to 20 outstanding students at Sukuta Lower Basic School as part of our Child Sponsoring Project making it a total
of 40 students for the 2020/2021 academic year.

This projects seeks to pair up underprivileged students with sponsors to reach their full potential through education with the objective of providing underprivileged child with access to quality education to reach their full potential. Education is the only tool to empower children to love independent, purposeful and successful lives, full of choice and possibilities.

Sincere appreciation to our supporters, partners and sponsors for partnering with us. We are indeed paving the way for self driven development!

To donate to this important project, please follow the link below;