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Renovation of Library & Teachers room started!

BRUFUT, THE GAMBIA – Last Thursday 12-04-2018 the renovation of Library and Teachers room has started. Even we were surprised by the speed things can go. This renovation is sponsored by stichting CHEF. Jaap van Duuren of stichting CHEF was triggered by our Crowdfunding campaign at 1%club and contacted us on April 4th if he could visit our project ‘Rehabilitation of Brufut Lower Basic School’ the next day. Jaap already shared that he was in The Gambia to look for education projects to support. #TogetherBetter

Stichting CHEF: Education for All

Stichting CHEF (CHildcare Education Foundation) is a Dutch foundation set up by Jaap van Duuren and four friends to help build and renovate schools in regions with low access to education. Jaap, a retired educator for 40 years, has formed his ‘second life’ around that objective. In The Gambia they build a new school in Mamuda, south of Brikama. As Jaap said: ‘Every child has the right to enjoy proper education and a fair chance to develop itself’. We couldn’t agree more! Asking him why he decided to do the large donation Jaap said: ‘I like your initiative, taking charge yourselves, great! Also the terrible state of the school convinced me to act.’ Many thanks to Stichting CHEF for their intervention!

Big surprise: new roofs, ceilings and paint for Library and teaching staff room

Ebrima Jatta of CASA-Gambia expressed his joy when he heard from Jaap, only a week after his visit, that the foundation had decided to hire a contractor to renovate the Library and the Teachers room estimated at € 2.200. A day later the work would already start! You can imagine how happy everyone at CASA-Gambia and the Brufut Lower Basic School was, and still is! And another surprise, Jaap and a friend Gert are working themselves together with the people of the contractor! Super people .. amazing. Check out the renovation pictures below for the amazing result.

Almost halfway phase 1 target!

With this donation yet another item on the list of the first phase of our rehabilitation plan is realized. After raising funds for 100 School Desks we now only need to raise funds to renovate the floors of 6 classrooms and repaint the whole school, only € 7.500 to go. Your donations to this project can go to NL06 SNSB 0939 3191 44 at Stichting Casa-Gambia in Puth, The Netherlands.


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