CASA Gambia website live

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Our Long awaited website is finally up and running, please log on to and read about our action points, activities, plans for Gambia. Also on The Team menu, you can read about our motivations and how we decided to come together to work on this noble cause. Our Volunteers menu with information about our […]

CASA Gambia initiatief geboren

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In 2015 besloten jonge Gambianen, samen met buitenlandse vrienden die de ontwikkeling van arme mensen in Gambia aan het hart gaat, een charitatieve organisatie op te zetten. De organisatie is in Gambia ingeschreven als Nationale Organisatie en in Nederland en daarbuiten als Internationale Charitatieve Organisatie (Goed Doel). De oprichters hebben de drive om de armoede […]

CASA Gambia initiated

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In 2015 a group of young Gambians and friends abroad committed to the development of The Gambian people, particularly the deprived, and decided to register a charitable organisation called CASA Gambia. The organisation is registered in The Gambia as a national organisation and in Holland and beyond as an International charitable organisation. Our group (to […]