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Funds Raised for 100 School Desks!

Brufut Lower Basic School

After two months of fundraising we raised already 3,247 Euro’s (Crowd Funding + funds raised in Gambia)! With this amount we could negotiate with the local welder man to deliver 100 School Desks before the start of the new school season in September! We thank all supporters for your ongoing support to our cause of better education for our children.

Sponsor Walk raised attention for Better Education

As most of you know we started the fundraising campaign on 24th February with the Sponsor Walk from Senegambia to Brufut Lower Basic School, shortly after we launched the Crowd Funding campaign on 1%-club. Online Crowdfunding touched people globally. Although not reaching our target, we’re very happy with the donations from all over the world.

Funds raised at Onepercentclub
In February and March 2018 € 2.575 was raised through Crowd Funding platform Onepercentclub

Other offers resulting from the campaigns of CASA-Gambia

The attention generated by the local and global campaigns – in The Gambia we also distributed flyers to tourists, donation letters to local business men and organized information meetings – we received offers from other organisations to help with bringing in furniture donations and funding. For instance the Embassy of Germany asked us to submit a project application to enable us benefit from the small scale projects they sponsor. Also foundation ‘Goods for Gambia’ offered to help with finding furniture for all 1.875 children in the coming year. A really good ‘side-effect’ of our activities is that our young organization is receiving support from a growing network.

Next step: finding support for Paint & Tiles

You know we’re not there yet, we still have to find substantial support and funds to be able to start the first phase of renovation at the Brufut Lower Basic School at the end of this school year in June. We aim to do another fund raiser to enable us lay hands on sufficient money to be able to start the renovation properly. We hope you’ll stay involved in finding the support needed to help the Brufut children have quality education within the foreseeable future. We are staging another sponsor walk “EDUCATION WALK” for the 28th April, 2018 from Westfield to Palma Rima Hotel, which we hope will attract more people to join the walk and raise at least 500 euro’s.

Thanks for joining this movement for better education in The Gambia.


CASA Gambia, paving the way for self-driven development.


Your donation is very welcome at: NL06 SNSB 0939 3191 44,  Stichting Casa-Gambia in Puth.