Telescope opens skies for Brufut children


BRUFUT, June 10 2019 – Earlier today, CASA Gambia in collaboration with Aries Productions and Stars Shine for Everyone has donated an SSVI Telescope to Brufut Lower Basic School. The event was graced by Alkalo – Brufut Village, Elders of Bulunda, Chairman – Village Development Committee, Aries Productions owner Mabula Haverkamp, friends from the Netherlands, natives […]

Brufut Lower Basic School

Funds Raised for 100 School Desks!


After two months of fundraising we raised already 3,247 Euro’s (Crowd Funding + funds raised in Gambia)! With this amount we could negotiate with the local welder man to deliver 100 School Desks before the start of the new school season in September! We thank all supporters for your ongoing support to our cause of […]

Buy School Desks for the children of Brufut


Since we’re campaigning for € 5.000 to buy 100 School Desk made by a local carpenter in Brufut, we’re receiving many compliments from our friends and supporters. Ok, we’re new at this crowdfunding thing. But is potentially very much in line with our core of ‘community development’ to connect our local village to the global […]