Brufut Lower Basic School has a total roll of 1,857 children out of which 850 are Boys and 1,007 are girls with the total of teaching staff of 65 Teachers. The school has 47 classes and having only 30 classrooms that’s why the school is in double shift (afternoon shift).

Brufut Lower Basic School has so many constraints, but the most needed are as follows;

1. Building (classrooms)

2. a. Furniture for classrooms (1000 if possible)
b. Furniture, chairs and tables for teachers (if possible 60)
3. School library (roof and ceiling)
4. Children’s toilet (nee pits needed)
5. Staff quarters (change the roof which is asbestos to corrugated iron sheets)
6. Plaster the classroom floors .

Casa Gambia is appealing to any individual or organization to come to their aid to make Brufut Lower Basic School great as the School is under resourced and currently it is in its dilapidating state. Monies that are coming from the government through ministry of education in the name of subvention comes with directives. The school administration made several requests for support at the ministry but non is granted.

There is no conductive teaching and learning environment at the school at the moment and continuing like that will affect the school and generation to come. The school needs a lot of things but the most urgently needed are

1. Furniture: almost all the classes are without enough table and chairs and ministry has not been supplying them all these years.

2. The school is without sufficient toilets and the old ones they have currently using has never been maintained due to financial constraints and some of them can be out of use at any moment.

3. Classrooms and Library: these two rooms at their horrible conditions due to roof damage. Rain has been poring in them throughout the raining season. As a result, a lot of book shelves, books and other important educational materials were damaged.

Extra classrooms: currently, the school has only 47 classrooms for 1,857 pupils. Almost all the classes will be overcrowded when shared among available classes. This led the school to run classes in the afternoon as a second shift which is not as effective as morning shift. The school needs extra classrooms that conduct classes in morning




Mr Henk Post, former director of a school in Groningen/Netherland visited the Brufut Lower Basic School.