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CASA Gambia to drive renovation of Brufut Lower Basic School

BRUFUT – The Gambia – Today the decision is made to take the lead in the renovation of the main lower basic school in Brufut. The dare state of the school alerted the CASA Gambia earlier this year and will now setup a project team and project plan to make a bigger step to full rehabilitation.

The CASA Gambia team raised attention to the bad state of the school at the beginning of this year, but after consulting the school management and Village Development Committee, it was decided the process would be helped if CASA Gambia would take the lead. Pick up the role of project developer and, with support from all stakeholders, do make it happen.

The CASA Gambia team, with active support from volunteers from all over the world, will develop a renovation plan, a project plan and a fundraising plan.

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