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CASA Gambia initiated

In 2015 a group of young Gambians and friends abroad committed to the development of The Gambian people, particularly the deprived, and decided to register a charitable organisation called CASA Gambia. The organisation is registered in The Gambia as a national organisation and in Holland and beyond as an International charitable organisation. Our group (to be referred to as the founding members) is inspired by the concern for poverty alleviation: Poverty constituting low income, low literacy, poor health and environmental degradation.

The founders are committed to working with the poor through an established charitable association to be called: CASA-Gambia (Community Action Support Association-Gambia). The Association shall always be in recognition of a beneficiary action as evidence of interest and feeling. CASA-Gambia is a non-governmental organisation; a non-political, non-religious and a non-profit making charitable association with the main thrust of poverty alleviation.

Founders CASA Gambia committed to self-driven community development

The founders of CASA Gambia acknowledged the vitality of the individual and the role of concerned groups in national development. This innovation is premised on the prevailing national economic situation which affects the ability of the target group to meet their basic needs and efficiently support the education of their children. It is envisaged that the beneficiary’s quality of life will eventually be improved if they are given direct support based on their priorities and; engaged on self-reliant economic activities of their choice for a reasonable length of time.

Download CONSTITUTION of CASA-Gambia