Rehabiltation Brufut Lower Basic School for better education

Brufut Lower Basic School is under-resourced and is in a terrible state, education of 1.875 children is at risk. The school was established in 1961 as community based primary school for 800 children. The government of the Gambia through the Ministry of Education took charge of the school a year later. The condition of the school is so horrible that effective teaching and learning may not be possible if we don’t act now! CASA-Gambia has taken up the challenge to improve the future of the children of Brufut by renovating the school. CASA-Gambia calls on you to support this initiative.

Key concerns

Education at risk in Brufut

  • inadequate benches and tables
  • horrible condition of school library and
  • staffroom due to roof damage
  • unbearable condition of class room floors
  • insufficient toilets,
  • over-crowding of class-rooms and introduction of afternoon shift, with less school hours than the morning shift, due to inadequacy of classroom to class the growing number of students.

Improve Education

The project is aimed at improving the structures of Brufut Lower Basic School to enhance teaching and learning environment of the school and to improve quality of basic education. CASA-Gambia is to seek for funding:

  1. to buy 500 steel build benches with tables to add to the existing 104 chairs.
  2. To upgrade the floor condition of Forty Six (46) classrooms, by tiling and maintenance.
  3. To improve the condition of school library and staffroom by changing the roof and ceiling.
  4. Repaint the whole school to improve the conditions of the school especially classrooms.
  5. Advocacy on family planning to control the birth rate which is significantly a challenge for the government of the Gambia.
  6. Advocacy on women gender status in our society, female circumcision and corruption.

CASA-Gambia is calling on you in raising money and support for the material cost of the project.

Target group

The beneficiaries of the project are Brufut Lower Basic school children and teachers in a school of 1.875 children placed in 46 classrooms. The current number of enrolled students are split up in 900 boys and 975 girls, with teaching staff of 66.

Project approach

As the condition of the school continue to pose challenges to administration and poor parents, CASA-Gambia envisaged that the beneficiary’s education quality will eventually be improved if they are given support based on their priorities stated above. CASA-Gambia is aiming to start first phase in June 2018 and complete before start of next school academic year .

The project is broken down into three Phases:

  1. Phase one of the project shall be the provision of one hundred steel built benches with table, floor rehabilitation of six class room block with tile, roof maintenance of school library and staff-room, and repainting of school facility.
  2. Phase two shall be the provision of four hundred steel built benches with tables, rehabilitation of school toilets and building eight extra toilets for students and teachers.
  3. Third phase of the project shall be tilling of forty (40) classrooms.

We are currently campaigning to raised funds and material to realize phase 1. If you have ideas to support us with that please contact us and/or make a donation to our good cause. THANKS IN ADVANCE

You can download the sponsor letter: sponsorbrief-Eng Brufut Lower Basic School